Pimples why it is best to leave them alone

Pimples why it is best to leave them alone

When pimples appear on the face, the temptation is to touch them; here’s what the experts say to treat them better

When a pimple appears on the face, the temptation is immediately to touch it to make it disappear; this bad habit, however, can increase the risk of an infection, which can then leave marks or scars on the skin. So how can you resist the urge to squeeze a pimple? Let’s ask our experts.

Where do pimples come from?

Imperfections arise overnight without warning. How come they are born? Dermatologist Philippe Deshayes explains: “The role of the sebaceous glands is to secrete sebum, but sometimes this sebum cannot be eliminated from the skin. It then accumulates on the skin surface, blocking the pores. Hence, the pimple begins to take shape. ” But what turns an innocent blemish into a painful pimple is bacterial contamination. Because? Because some bacteria from the environment and the flora of our skin feed on sebum . They grow and spread in this favorable environment and the skin turns red.

Hands down!

Our hands unconsciously touch a pimple up to 65 times a day. According to microbiologists, thousands of bacteria live on everyday objects such as telephones, steering wheels, carts and computer keyboards. Believe it or not, there are around 25,000 germs in every square inch of your cell phone! Your hands and nails are full of bacteria , even if you wash them regularly. “Resist the temptation to touch all the pimples or you can risk causing a secondary infection, creating lasting lesions that will then be difficult to remove.”

Don’t let a pimple ruin your life!

“When a pimple appears, you feel helpless,” explains lifestyle coach Odile Mohen. “We instinctively want to regain control of our skin, without thinking about the consequences.” The temptation to pop a pimple is strong! How can you resist it? Here are Odile’s 5 tips :

1.  Stop looking in the mirror! Mirrors can make things appear worse than they really are, and if you are home alone sometimes you can’t help but give in to temptation …

2. Remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world. ! Before an important date or event, relax and tell yourself “Yes, I have a pimple, but it won’t stay there forever, it will go away!”

3. List your best qualities (or ask a friend to do so) – a small pimple is nothing compared to a bright smile or a bright look…

4. Keep your hands busy. Taking care of your skin can be reassuring. Cleanse it, protect it and cover imperfections with corrective make-up.

5. Put things in perspective! Look around, you will soon see that everyone has some imperfections on their face , but luckily you now know all the solutions to handle the problem!

So now it’s your turn, you have all the necessary information at your disposal. Be strong and resist the temptation to pop that pimple!

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