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Why is adapting your home essential for the elderly?

Because it is not always easy to understand why it is necessary to modify its environment, here are some arguments that can help seniors to accept the idea.

It’s a matter of safety …

Age and a certain vulnerability coming, health concerns or small everyday accidents can have very unfortunate consequences. Especially, moreover, in isolated elderly people. By installing specific equipment, such as motion detectors that identify unusual situations or the home remote assistance boxes offered by SeniorAdom, a member of the leading French mutualist group (the VYV group), seniors can thus stay at home with complete peace of mind.

And comfort!

Electric armchair beds, lifting platforms, lighting or automatic hotplate extinguishing systems: modifying your home also means taking advantage of the latest advances in technology in general and in home automation in particular. Life thus becomes both more reassuring and more pleasant!

This allows you to keep your habits and a certain autonomy

When an elderly person neither wants nor totally needs to integrate a retirement home (when the budget is not the problem), adapting his home is still the best way to preserve a certain independence in staying in a familiar environment. The idea? Make your daily life safer without upsetting it!

It reassures loved ones

An elderly person who lives – alone or not – in an unsuitable environment is also a worried entourage. By equipping their homes, seniors allow their loved ones to no longer feel guilty and worry excessively about them. Not to mention that this puts an end to endless discussions on the issue!


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